Specific Transition Planning for Military Families:

At Breakfast Point, we understand that transitions are an integral part of military life. To provide our military families with the support they need, we utilize "Anchored for Life" kits and resources designed to assist with major life events. These kits offer guidance and information to make transitions smoother and less stressful for both students and their families.

In addition to Anchored for Life, we have a full-time Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLAC) on campus. Our MFLAC works with groups in various grade levels (from kindergarten to 8th grade) based on individual student needs, offering guidance, counseling, and a listening ear to help students cope with the unique challenges of military life.

Our dedicated Military Point of Contact, Michelle Lasater, is available to address any questions or concerns. You can reach her at lasatmc@bay.k12.fl.us or (850) 281-4363.

What specific academic planning do you offer for military families?

We understand that academic continuity is essential for military children. To ensure this, transcripts and test scores from all prior schools are carefully reviewed. This process helps us place students in the appropriate academic levels and ensures that they continue to advance academically.

Our goal is to make the academic transition as seamless as possible, allowing military students to focus on their studies and reach their full potential.

Resources and Educational Opportunities for Military Children:

For military children, it's vital that they have access to a range of educational opportunities and resources. We enroll students in the appropriate educational programs, and when unique needs arise, we align them with additional services, such as tutoring, counseling, and academic support and enrichment.

We encourage military students to participate in all extracurricular activities and sports, allowing them to explore their interests and passions while fostering a sense of belonging and community within the school.

Student-Led Transition Team:

Our commitment to supporting military children doesn't stop at resources; we also have a student-led transition team that works in conjunction with "Anchored for Life." This team provides peer support and guidance, ensuring that new students feel welcomed and have the opportunity to connect with their peers.

Support for Military ESE Children:

We recognize the importance of aligning support for military children with exceptional needs. For these students, we ensure that their Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are closely followed, and resources from our MFLAC and guidance counselors are readily available.

The Breakfast Point Academy (BPA) takes a team approach to education, working closely with parents to review IEPs and discuss available resources to ensure a smooth transition and academic success.

Military Recognition Events:

We believe in recognizing and honoring the sacrifices made by military families. To show our appreciation, BPA participates in events like "Purple Up Day" with activities, cards, and displays on campus. We also commemorate Veterans' Day and the 9/11 ceremony.

Our MFLAC collaborates with students to support initiatives like the SIMS retirement home and the Wounded Warrior Project, fostering a sense of service and giving back to the community. Resource tables at BPA events provide visibility to parents and the community, ensuring that support is readily accessible.

Access to Mental Health Services:

We understand the importance of mental health for all students, including military children. At Breakfast Point, we have two triad members, one of whom is a veteran, on campus each day. Both school counselors are well-versed in mental health resources and can provide community care referrals or connect students and families to the MFLAC counselor.

This approach ensures that military children have access to the mental health services and support they may need during their educational journey at Breakfast Point.

OCSD Resources

BDS Resources for Military Families

The Bay District Schools website has a detailed list of Military Family Resources and Educational Opportunities to best assist your family. It contains a PCS document, services, programs, educational resources, and so much more to aid in the success of your educational goals.

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